New slimmer PlayStation 5 rumored

The PlayStation 5 has been revised three times already since the release(check out our full guide on all the changes). It has been lightened and components have been upgraded to save cost.

This time around we will probably see a much more significant change. And in our opinion a very smart move from Sony. According to Insider Gaming Sony will be releasing a slimmer PS5 model without the disc drive (aka cut the Disk model completely) but instead either bundle in or sell separately, an external USB-C disk drive reader.

The rumors also tell that the external disk drive can be attached to the console, looking non external. Maybe integrated in a side cover. This is speculation from our side, but would be the most probable way to make it look integrated.

This move from Sony will result in a much smoother production line, fewer options means faster production and more consoles for us. And hopefully cheaper or as cheap as the digital version.