The Division: Heartland Possible release soon?

The Division: Heartland has been given a rating in Taiwan, which means it might come out soon.

The team that decides what age group can play the game said that it was checked on November 14.

The Division is an FPS Survival game set in a town called Silver Creek. The town is in the Midwest of America and it’s all broken because of a sickness called Dollar Flu.

There is something strange happening in Silver Creek! We need to solve the mystery before a dangerous poison spreads all over the place.

“Follow the expanding story to discover why this once peaceful city has become the center of a violent conflict between a group of dangerous rogue Division agents and an aggressive band of nomadic survivors. But the AI ​​factions and other player squads are not the only danger…”

The game doesn’t have a date when it will come out yet. The people who made the game are going to do more tests on computers before it’s ready. This means that when it does come out, it might not be completely finished.

In September, Ubisoft said that they are starting to make The Division 3, but it’s still in the very beginning stages.