Ubisoft Connect is the worst Store.

That day started out great. I got up, got a cup of Coffee, started my daily routine, and went to work. Today was the day I was finally going to review, or, well just boast about the awesome History Editions of Anno 1602, which are great! BUT! There was a big issue. The games could only be found on Ubisoft Connect…

I thought okay, no biggie, they are all on special offer which is perfect as well. So I put Anno 1602 HE in the cart and went to pay for it. NOPE, not possible. I tried Credit Card and Paypal. It just wouldn’t let me. So I forgot about it for the rest of the day and thought I’ll try from home. After a good days work, I got home and sat down ready to get my Anno 1602 HE ready. SAME ERROR AGAIN! But also this time the whole store was down. I waited and waited and nothing. How often has Steam Store been down/unavailable, or even ugh the Epic Store?

I haz the moneyhz aswell!

I got to bed that day grumpy.

Next day, same routine, back at work now I’m really gonna get it done. I put Anno 1602 in the cart, went to buy it, and BAM. Same error, purchase failed. (This was also after reloading the store several times). I thought, what the heck? So I tried going to the online web-based store to try my luck there. Still the same issue. Noo can doo! No Anno for you Ubi says….

Now I got furious! I can’t buy the game, what do I do?
I went to a cd key seller store, and surely they had Anno 1602 keys in stock. I bought one there(cheaper also I might add) and crossed my fingers that it would work to redeem it on the Ubisoft Connect app. AND surely, like magic it worked. Anno 1602 History Edition is now in my Library!

This is bad! Bad for consumers and bad for Ubisoft themselves! There are countless forum posts out there that have these issues. Either the Store page won’t load, the servers are down or you can’t buy the game, that’s like the whole reason the Store exists.

This was an issue back in April, Ubi says they solved it but its surely still a problem!

Oh, and also! If you use Ubisoft Connect on two computers, they log each other out every time you launch a game. AND having it remember your login email and password. NAH it’s all lies! It forgets every time!!!