Free Stars – The Return of Star Control!

A fresh trailer for Free Stars: Children of Infinity has just dropped, offering a deeper glimpse into the direct sequel of the sci-fi favourite The Ur-Quan Masters. Spearheaded by Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford, Pistol Shrimp Games is crafting this retro-style space combat game.

Reiche and Ford, co-founders of Toys for Bob, known for Star Control and Star Control II, are behind this venture. However, due to Stardock’s ownership of the Star Control series, the new Free Stars games cannot bear the Star Control name. Nevertheless, Children of Infinity serves as a spiritual successor to Star Control.

Presenting: Free Stars: Children Of Infinity – Official Announcement Trailer

“In the wake of the Ur-Quan hierarchy and its Sa-Matra battle platform’s downfall, a fresh revelation pulls the captain back into an age-old enigma. Hope and turmoil remain in a cosmic struggle, with a looming threat that could alter everything,” states a snippet from the game’s description.

In Children of Infinity, you assume the role of a captain within the Alliance of Free Stars. Your mission: traverse the galaxies, encountering various planets to forge alliances with alien races, gather resources, and uncover further plot twists. The game also offers ship customization and upgrades, alongside online co-op and competitive PvP modes.

The Kickstarter campaign for Children of Infinity launches on April 16. Meanwhile, Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters is now available for free on Steam since its February release.