Desert Skies, the game that could have been the new Raft in the Sky.

Desert Skies is a game with an enticing story and style of game. You are a survivor living in a desert version of America where the land has been overrun by monsters burrowed underground taking over everything. It’s a survival sandbox adventure game very similar to Raft, just, set in the desert. And instead of riding a raft on the water. You float on a raft in the skies. You need to find fuel for your boiler to be able to float, if you run out you risk falling down to the monsters in/in the ground. You will have to take risks and land to loot resources. There are areas with more loot, but also monsters lurking by. The game is procedurally generated like Raft and was planned to have missions and a grand goal.

So what happened? The game was under good development for a long time, by a couple of Aussies. The game made good progress and featured frequent updates, but then all of a sudden it came to a halt. We’ve tried reaching out to the developers but haven’t managed to get into talks with them.

The game has a lot of potentials and the community is eager to see it done, There are many threads on the Steam forum begging the developers to restart the development, and some anger and frustration about the abandonment. There is even a guy who wants the game so badly that he started to reverse-engineer the original just to have it out for people.
The user PizzaSteeve_ on Steam has even started a Discord group in hopes of gathering people to help develop the game. We can only hope this incentivises the White Rabbit Developer Aussie couple to continue their little awesome game concept.

The last update/life sign was on Jan 30. 2021.