Towers of Aghasba exciting open-world game

Towers of Aghasba is an upcoming Open-World Action Adventure-type game that is starting to look pretty good already. The developer has released some early in-game footage in their extended reveal trailer, and we have to admit it looks like an interesting game!

You are tasked with restoring a desolate island to its former glory, all fauna has been destroyed somehow and you have to use a seed given to you by a stranger for this task.

Eventually, you are going to build and craft a city to attract back the Shimu tribe. So there will be a lot of exciting Ai elements here that we are really looking forward to seeing how the developer are able to implement. We are hoping for dynamic events based on how you go about building your city.

There will also be a lot of exploring. Exactly what we can expect to see is limited at this point. But it includes flying, underwater and more.

The graphics also look like a breath of fresh air.

There will also be co-op multiplayer. A must really for these types of games in my opinion.