Palworld – What is it?

PalWorld. The latest Crafting Survival style game enters 2024 with a bang, selling over 4 million copies of the game over a few days. What is the game about?

Palworld is one of those games that are hard to describe. On one hand, it’s a survival crafting game much like Grounded, Ark, and so on. But on the other hand, it has creature capturing, much like the Pokémon games (Pokémon Legends – Arceus). One could say it’s just that. Pokémon Arceus with base building. But then again it’s different in many ways. In PalWorld players can actively join in on the fight and all the fighting happens in real time instead of a turn-based stop in the game flow. The creatures (Pals) that roam the world can be captured and become your friends or your workers. They all have special moves and abilities as well as special features. Some features are positive, like “motivational worker”, and some are negative like “depressed”. Most creatures also have unique special moves that players can utilize. Like mounting and riding your Pal or flat out use them as a flamethrower!

PalWorld is a multiplayer, open world survival and crafting game that features mysterious creatures called “Pals”.

In PalWorld you can fight, farm, build, and work with Pals, as well as use them for combat, traversal, and base management. You can also explore the Palpagos Islands, where you will encounter various factions, secrets, and challenges. PalWorld is currently in early access and is available on Steam for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

PalWorld is a game that combines elements from different genres, such as action-adventure, survival, and creature collector. It has a comedic and satirical tone, as it allows you to use Pals in various ways, such as weapons, mounts, food, or labor. Some of these actions may be considered unethical or cruel, and may affect your reputation and relationship with other factions and Pals. PalWorld also has a wanted-level system, where you can be pursued by the island defense force if you commit crimes. This is of course very limited now in the Early-Access version of the game.

PalWorld has over 100 different types of Pals, each with their own abilities, personalities, and partner skills. You can capture Pals using Pal Spheres, buy them on the black market, or trade them with other players. You can also breed Pals to create new hybrids or customize them with accessories and weapons. Pals are essential for your survival and progress in PalWorld, as they can help you with various tasks, such as gathering, crafting, cooking, farming, etc. Pals can also be summoned to fight alongside you, or used as weapons or mounts. You as players are quite fragile, especially in the beginning.

The game offers a lot of freedom and creativity, as well as humor and adventure. It is a game that appeals to fans of monster-catching, survival, and crafting games, as well as those who enjoy exploring and discovering new things. PalWorld is still in development, and the developers plan to add more content and features, such as new Pals, areas, buildings, items, and game systems. PalWorld is a game that is constantly evolving and improving, based on feedback from the community and the developers’ vision. And now with such a banger start and fresh money in for the developers, we have high hopes for PalWorld and expect a lot of content in the coming years! To think they accomplished all that is in the game now with almost no funds and a small developer team, where some are very unexperienced and also switching game engines mid-development from Unity to Unreal Engine (Which was a massive smart move in our opinion) is just astounding!