The Ultimate PlayStation 5 differences guide

What is the difference between the new and original PS5, chassis a, b, c? CFI model What the heck?
If any of these are your questions, you’ve arrived at the perfect place! Lets go through what everything means! The first part is a super quick guide for geting a quick understanding, then we go in depth.

Part 1 – Quick Guide

There are three major models and one fourth not yet released as the time of writing*

Digital vs Disk:
This one is easy, The PS5 Disk model has an optical disk drive that allows you to buy physical copies of games and insert them into the console, the ye’ olde way. The Digital version does not have the optical disk drive. Thats it.

Some times you might have seen shops advertising a chassis model on the listing. This simply refers to which revision it is. Chassis a is CFI-1000x Chassis b is 1100x etc.


Disk version:

  • CFI-1000A (launch) – 4.5kg.
  • CFI-1100A (2021) – 4.2kg.
  • CFI-1200A(2022) – 3.9kg.
  • TBA: “CFI-1300A? (2023) x.xkg.

Digital Version:

  • CFI-1000B (launch) – 3.9kg
  • CFI-1100B (2021) – 3.6kg
  • CFI-1200B (2022) – 3.4kg
  • TBA: “CFI-1300B? (2023) x.xkg.

In Depth

Oh, you’re still here? Still have some more questions? Okay lets go!

The Digital and Disk models can also be differenciated in the model number. The key here is the letter at the end of the model number.
If the model number ends with an A that means its a Disk version, if it ends in B, then you’ve gotten yourself a Digital editon man! That goes for any revision. Say CFI-1000A is a Disk version but with the launch edition hardware. CFI-1100A is also a disk version but with the newer internals.*read on for the changes.

Then we have the model numbers. the CFI-1xxx number on the box.
Basically this tells you what revision the console is, wht region it is from and what version(digital or Disk)

CFIThe code name for the Playstation 5, always the same
1xxx (The first number)Also currently unchanged on all models
x2xx(the second number)Revision number. 0 is the launch model then 1 and 2
xx34These two last numbers defines the region the PS5 is intended for. (EU, Asia, US etc)
Letter A and BA is the Disk version B is the Digital version

Internal changes/Hardware


The CFI-1100 is the first version(the launch version) of the Play Station 5 console. This version has the original hardware at launch such as the bigger heatsink and different fan, and is also the heaviest of them all. It is also the most expensive to produce. Its also worth mentioning that due to the parts shortage worldwide Sony has had to order fans from different partners aswell, some users have reported getting a very noisy PS5 while others have a basically silent one. This is due to up to at least three different fans shipped with this model.


The CFI-1100 model is the second version/revision to launch. It features a number of small (and big) changes. First off the heatsink has been shrunk, both due to cost savings but also weight reduction. The new smaller heatsink is compensated by a better fan according to Sony. It pushes more air over the heatsink fins and provides a better or same result. There are also changes on the alu chassis plate itself inside. The memory modules have better contact with the chassis in this version. A flat surface over the whole chip instead of just some points over the chips them selves. Providing a more stable cooling, prone to less chance of miscontact. And smaller changes like bigger contact pads. According to testing from Gamers Nexus there is virtually no difference in heat/performance.

GamersNexus testing the CFI-1000 vs CFI-1100 version.


The CFI-1200 model has even more changes! This time around we get a totally new motherboard! The new model has a heatsink is even smaller than that of the CFI-1100 model, but it contains a heat pipe that runs through to the other side of the system. The SSD has better shielding aswell! Its also even lighter than the CFI-1100 model. But maybe the coolest change is that is consumes even less power, almost 30w less than the CFI-1000 model!

CFI-1200 model teardown

Update 12/9-12


We’ve got a lot of requests about the noise the PS5 makes! Some people claim the PS5 Digital is quieter than the PS5 Disk version. This is not the case. The reason for some PS5’s being noisier is due to the different fans in each model. Due to the shortages in the world especially CFI-10xx (the first revision) had at least 3 different fans, where some were noisier than others, as well as in some cases the fans being faulty.