Xbox One X Premiered

The Xbox One X was announced at Microsoft’s E3 2017 keynote. The console has already gained massive hype and it easy to understand why. The console is going to be one of the most powerful gaming devices around when it launches in November 2017, even more so than many high end gaming computers – a serious feat.

So , what exactly are we looking at in terms of juice? Here’s a full breakdown for you to follow. The CPU will be clocked a 2.3 GHz whilst running 8 cores , while this is impressive its not quite up there with the best. However, in terms of graphical performance , which is arguably more important to a console, the system will run 12 GB GDDR 5 RAM with a GPU clocked at 1172 MHz. Boom! That’s impressive. In terms of storage the system will be churning it out on a 1 TB HDD and will feature a UHD 4K Blu Ray ROM. With that said, there’s no reason it cant also be doubled as a media center for your entertainment needs – it certainly has the hardware. The machine will support UHD 4K resolution natively and will also feature an HDR solution.

In terms of design , the system looks rather slick and refined. Right now its only available in the stock color , medium grey; but there will almost definitely be special skins and editions to come.

The Xbox One X is expected to support all of the titles out currently on the Xbox One , which is a relief to anyone with a large library of games. These titles will be pushed up to 4K through upscaling, much like the PS4 Pro, although Native UHD 4K gaming is at a different visual level in terms of fidelity and color than any upscaled image. All the current hardware usable with the Xbox One is also supported by the new console. This is also a massive relief as those headsets, remotes and whatnot can become incredibly pricey.

On paper it sounds great, but this raw power comes at a price, a big, nasty price. To be exact , the system will set you back 499 USD. Ouch. If you take into account that you’ll likely need to buy an UHD TV, with those reaching another 500 USD easily, you might have to start considering how badly you need your kidneys, what do those go for these days?

Jokes aside, the price is definitely worth it if you look at the raw power and fidelity the new system offers. Its definitely a recommended buy!