Windows 11 22H2 Game Performance Patch is Out

One complaint with the 22H2 patch for the Windows platform – at least among gamers – is that performance has hit several levels of bottlenecks in the Windows 11 version of the update. Now it looks like the issue has finally been fixed.

Per Neowin, patch KB5020044 (which brings Windows 11 to build 22621.900) and pins the bottlenecks on debugging states relative to the GPU, which affected the performance of games and other graphics-heavy apps. The full explanation from the patch notes is as folllows:

It addresses an issue that affects some games and applications. This issue is related to GPU performance debugging features. This lowers the expected game performance.

My guess based on this statement means that debug states were unintentionally triggered in these apps and games which were not intended for production use, resulting in unnecessary loads on the GPU which then affected other apps which rely on these same processes and thereby creating a bottleneck issue as both the debug processes and the games themselves were stuck in a back and forth over GPU access, thereby affecting system performance.

Beyond the debug process fix, a few additional moment two features were added to further enhance the system experience. But for gamers, the highlight will be the fix for the graphics bottleneck that has been a point of contention following the 22H2 update release.

Source: Neowin