Warzone 2.0 missing crucial feature. Re-connect.

Warzone 2.0 is a new modern online FPS game with the latest features from history, yet it’s missing possibly the most important feature of late online gaming. The ability to re-connect to a game session after a crash or other server error.

The fact that Infinity Ward hasn’t planned that from the start is a little disappointing, given other big titles such as Apex Legends and Rainbox Six have this great feature.

A typical quad, duo, or even solo session tends to last quite long, and losing the game and not being able to reconnect due to a computer crash or internet error feels devastating. People are tweeting and bringing a lot of heat towards the developers to implement this feature.

Especially the DMZ mode. This mode should have re-connect as it can last very long until you choose to extract. Losing THAT progress dents your mood for hours.