Victoria 3 sales: 500,000 in first month

Image: Paradox Development Studios

Paradox Development Studios has announced that its newest grand strategy game Victoria 3 has sold more than 500,000 units in its first month since launch, making it one of the company’s most successful launches ever.

Compared to its predecessor, Victoria 3 retained its complex and strategic gameplay style while simultaneously making its political, economic, and military systems far more approachable than the previous game. The grandeur gameplay offers a better understanding of the controls and players would feel its easier to cook up different approaches in their gameplay.

According to Paradox’s data, in it’s first month, players worldwide contributed to a total of 14.6 million hours into the game, which would be 1,669 years. The community have also built a total of 126,263 Suez Canals, established 380,335 countries, researched 187 million new technologies, and constructed 45,614 trans-continental railways.

One of the more pleasantries of Victoria 3 is the challenges that don’t make it seem all too stressful, and for gamers new to the franchise, Victoria 3 might not even feel distant if you have never played the previous titles.