Valve secures the name Neon Prime for a new game!

In September, Valve applied to register the trademark Neon Prime, adding in the application that the trademark relates to a game. Thus, it is likely that a new game is in the offing from the well-known game studio. KitGuru first reported this.

We know of a handful of projects that the studio is certainly working on, especially in VR games and technology, but there is nothing to say if this is directly linked to one of these. It seems to be something new.

Right now it’s hard to know exactly what this is. There is no indication that this is the asymmetrical VR/PC multiplayer game that was rumored for 2020. It might be an FTL-like spaceship game, as a former Valve employee reported a while ago. It could be an entertainment service, à la a streaming service for games, as GamingOnLinux wonders.

Lets see what they come up with!