Valheim Mistlands update brings a lot of content!

The new Valheim update doesn’t only bring in the new Mistlands Biome we’ve been waiting so long for. They are adding more, a lot more!

The main focus of the update is of course the new biome, complete with new monsters, items, weapons, and scenery. But what the developers didn’t hint at was the whole new gameplay system!

You can now learn magic skills! More beyond the bosses skills you would get from defeating the bosses. A full-fledged magic system with spells and all! There is a new resource called Eitr from which you can craft magic workbenches from, in turn, create magic items and weapons, like magic Staffs and skulls to summon monsters to fight at your side!

But of course in good Valheim style, getting Eitr is a grind as it is with all things Valheim. Gathering all the stuff you need for creating these magic items will not be easy. Just the way we like it!

There are also new NPCs. Some of these (Dvergr) are more non-aggressive, will let you pass, and will not aggro on sight. Feeling somewhat like clans that mind their own business until you, inevitably decide to attack them.

There is a hint of new Giants too, Jotunns. Giant weapons are scattered around hinting at the sheer size of these Giants.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

Some of the new monsters, floaters, or Gjalls as they are named, look horrifying upon sight. Reminds me of StarCraft for some reason, heh. Spitting around and destroying things on sight. This is a nasty one!

There are also new Bosses, base-building objects, and general fixes. Like spiral staircases, and automated weapons! This update really brings a lot to the game and is well worth a repålay already now!