Use your Stadia controller on other platforms!

Google Stadia closes down today, January 18. Google’s last move is an update that lets you connect the Stadia controller to other platforms, including PCs and phones.

The update was officially launched on Tuesday and came with several warnings and limitations. First of all, Google says that the change to Bluetooth is permanent. In other words, you can’t go back to using the controller via Wi-Fi if you choose to update.

Furthermore, the update will only be available until December 31. Then the download disappears and you lose the ability to switch to Bluetooth mode.

The Stadia controller is confirmed to work with Windows 10 and 11, as well as Steam. It can also be used on macOS 13, ChromeOS and Android. Google reports that it may also work on other platforms, but this has not been properly tested.

The controller can also be plugged in with a USB-C cable so you can play if, for example, your PC doesn’t have a Bluetooth receiver. You can find instructions on how to switch from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth mode on Google’s website.

The closure of Stadia was announced last September. Google then believed that the platform was still solid, but admitted that it had not caught on with gamers as much as the company expected.

Direct link to the update page