Ukrainian Becastled devs are safe and still updating

The Up and Coming game Becastled had a decent release and lots of updates during its stay on the Steam Store. Then the Russia/Ukraine war happened and suddenly all communication stopped. The community feared the worst! First of all, this gem of a game would not be made but also that the team itself was hit by bombs in the War since they were located in Kiyv, one of the hotspots of the war.

Becastled is a Wave defence type of Strategy game where you have a lot of freedom in a procedurally generated open world. You will have to build up your castle and defend it at all costs when the night sets in!

Luckily there came good news! The team managed to move to a safer place and was in good shape, a lot of equipment had been left behind in the chaos but they had the Source and were able to continue! Just recently the team released an update that the game is updated with some new stuff and that they are still safe.

Hello everyone,

Technical update is now live!

It mainly features our new navigation system. It gives us much better control over unit movement and other move related logic in the game. For example movement on walls was completely remade from scratch and should work much better with no units being stuck anywhere.

We have also reworked and fixed many parts of the game to allow us to much more easily work on new content and provide a smoother game experience! The fundamental changes to game code have put us past the bottleneck that was our third-party navigation system and will allow us to work faster and on more ambitious tasks.

There has already been a lot of progress on the new content and you will see the first part of it in January 2023! We will have some news to share on that later.

Happy Holidays!

If you are able to help them out buy the game. It’s well worth a play already now in Early Access.