Twitter has record growth after Musk takeover

Elon Musk’s Twitter has gotten off to a flying start, according to the company itself.

Because in documents The Verge has obtained, it is revealed that the daily user traffic in the first week with Elon Musk as boss was record high.

It is “lucky” for Twitter that this “leak” happened. In addition to the potentially planted positive news, Musk receives positive coverage in a newspaper, The Verge, which has generally been negative towards what Musk has undertaken in 2022.

Increased by 15 million
Back to the numbers: the increase is more than 20 percent, says the document, which points out that Twitter is growing the fastest in the United States.

Twitter has managed to bring in more than 15 million mDAU since the end of the second quarter. mDAU stands for “monetizable daily user”, i.e. people who click ads, and not bots ūü§Ė.

Many large Twitter accounts, and several celebrities, have said they are done with the service now that Musk is boss.

Musk himself tweeted that the numbers have increased considerably internationally. The last time the company announced figures, they had 237.8 million users and 16.6 percent annual growth.

Musk says this is just the beginning, and that once the service becomes “a reliable source of truth,” then Twitter will be “indispensable.”