The Xbox One finally plays old Xbox games!

During this year’s E3 show, Microsoft revealed that games from the original Xbox console should be included in the backward compatibility feature of the Xbox One. Almost five months later, everything is finally in place, and as of today, Xbox One owners get back in time with a handful of old titles.

The backwards compatibility now supports 12 games from the original Xbox!

-BloodRayne 2
-Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
-Dead to Rights
-Fuzion Frenzy
-Grabbed by the Ghoulies
-King of Fighter Neowave
-Ninja Gaiden Black
-Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
-Red Faction II
-Sid Meier’s Pirates!
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Visual upgrade

As promised earlier, all games will look sharper on the new hardware. In the video window above, you can see how the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic take on Xbox One, compared to what it originally looked like on the Xbox.

The experience should be about as you remember it, except for the functionality of some of the games. Online multiplayer modes does not work, but local coop still works in the games that originally made it possible.

If you already own the games you can go straight to the game by inserting the original disc into the machine. Optionally, you can pick up digital versions from the Microsoft Store. Everyone with the Xbox Game Pass subscription gets the Ninja Gaiden Black for free as part of the service.