The new Hitman Game of the year edition looks awesome!

It’s been a while since the latest Hitman title came out, and as usually is with major game titles, the developer has announced a Game of the Year edition of the game – and there’s a lot of new content.

The Hitman Game of the Year Edition will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 7, and is only released digitally. Here’s a trailer for your amusement!

A new campaign

The GOTY edition comes with all the contents of the first season and a brand new campaign called Patient Zero. This campaign consists of four missions that takes place in several areas of the game and involves a battle against the clock to stop the spread of a dangerous virus that some of your enemies launch after a routine liquidation.

In addition, the edition comes with a bunch of new outfits with associated new weapons, including a powerful gun and a sniper rifle with silencer. These are locked up through New Escalation Contracts, the special challenges that get a bit more difficult each time they complete them are also in place.

The new contracts are adapted to the new combinations of outfits and weapons and offer three levels that quickly increase in difficulty.

Otherwise, IO Interactive may announce that they have a new update on their way. The details of this will come a little later, but it will include a new interface with new colors, new contract features and graphical updates, among other things, it will also offer better lighting.