Terra Nil, reverse city builder?

City builder games are usually about carving out ever larger residential and industrial areas, often at the expense of forests and fields. In Terra Nil, it goes the opposite way, where the player’s job is simply to rebuild nature.

In Terra Nil, players travel the world to create a greener everyday life.
-Devolve Digital

The strategy game that was first unveiled during E3 2021 has now been given a release date. In a press release, Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives write that Terra Nil will be launched on March 28, on PC as well as phones and tablets for anyone with a Netflix subscription.

As the developer writes, players can expect between six and eight hours of gameplay. Here you can visit ruins of old cities and tropical islands, with the aim of developing technology to transform wasteland into rainforests, marshland and river beds.

Alongside the date, Free Lives revealed that a portion of the sales proceeds goes towards conserving endangered species. The developer has teamed up with the South African organization Endangered Wildlife Trust, promising to donate 8 per cent of revenue from sales of the game on Steam.

If you are interested the game’s demo is available on Steam right now.