Tekken 8 Confirms Appearance At The Game Awards

Tekken 8 has officially confirmed an appearance at The Game Awards 2022 in a teaser video, however, no official release date for the popular fighting game was announced. Perhaps we will get more information during the event.

In a tweet, The Game Awards retweeted Tekken’s 30-second teaser with the eyes emoji. The teaser depicted chains in a form of the number eight breaking apart, along with the hashtag #SAVETHED8. A subtle reminder, The Game Awards ceremony will be broadcast live on December 8 at 7:30 p.m. ET; 4:30 pm PT.

Tekken has been a familiar franchise with a cult following since the early 1990s, with only 8 (excuse the coincidence) playable characters and has since then expanded its core story and included more than 50 characters with diverse backgrounds, each with their vendetta on participating in the Iron Fist Tournament. Tekken also hosted multiple esports tournaments with great success worldwide making it a global hit among gamers.

The Tekken saga takes a deep dive into their lore, as the ever-complicated Mishima family’s lust for power drives them into many extreme situations, with sons trying to kill their fathers and vice versa. Because of the game’s successful feats, it was also awarded the longest-running story in any video game series, certified by Guinness World Records Japan in 2017.

Although an official release date for Tekken 8 has not yet been revealed, the fighting game will be exclusively available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Tekken 8 was built with Unreal Engine 5, bringing high-definition graphics and character models to next-generation consoles. On the publisher’s Website, Bandai Namco highlights “destructive and stunning visual effects” for each stage of the game.

Personally, as a Tekken player myself, I am hoping for the best in their next release as my Tekken 7 experience was faced with massive loading periods, poor customization of the characters and bad netcode. I am looking forward to what Tekken 8 might offer.