System Shock remake closing in

After a bunch of delays, Nightdive Studios has now set a new release window for System Shock Remake. The new version will now be launched sometime in March 2023.

Via the game’s Kickstarter page, the team admits that this isn’t the first time they’ve come up with launch plans that have since been scrapped. This time, however, things are different, claims Nightdive, partly because Prime Matter has come on board as a publisher.

The developer further writes that the extra development time has made it possible to polish parts of the game that were initially finished. Among other things, the Citadel space station has undergone an overhaul, new enemies have been added and weapon effects should be improved.

System Shock first came out for PC in 1994, and since then has become known as one of the leading games in the so-called “immersive simulator” genre, which is largely about freedom of choice in how to solve problems. Here, the story of a hacker who wakes up on the space station Citadel Station is told. This is controlled by an artificial intelligence called SHODAN, which tries to stop the hacker.

The new version entices upgraded graphics, a modern control system, overhauled user interface and new sound and music. The game is coming exclusively to PC.

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