Star Wars Jedi Survivor Game Awards leaked date!

We got to see a new trailer for the game Star Wars Jedi Survivor at the 2022 Game Awards Show and boy did it get us excited!

The release date for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been announced for March 17, 2023. A new trailer for the game debuted at the 2022 Game Awards, showcasing more of the gameplay and new moves for the protagonist, Cal Kestis. In the trailer, Cal can be seen riding native creatures, wielding two lightsabers, working with a new friend in intense combat sequences, and flying a spaceship! The game is set in the Star Wars universe (of course) and appears to be heavily influenced by the Soulslike genre.
This trailer gave me some Jedi Outcast chills! One of the best games when it came to lightsaber fighting. Where you could roam freely and get the Jedi-Feel.