Sideloading Apps on iPhone will now be legal!

The new Eu laws put out and approved will force Big Tech Companies to allow third-party App Stores on their devices! This means even Apple has to abide by and allow third-party App Stores on iPhones, iPads and so on! Apple tried its best as usual to fight against this law. Stating the security of the iOS would be severely compromised and that it would be a gold mine for Scammers and hackers with bad intentions. But, again, this is optional.

All this law does is allow the consumer to have the consumer-choice to choose if they want to sideload apps or not. Also, reading between the lines we also see Apple not liking this as it will force them to be unable to monopolise apps and revenue from Software sales through their own Store.

This also means you don’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone to allow apps outside the App Store just as on Android.

For the consumer, however, this might allow for cheaper apps through other App Stores and the ability to extend the Apps possibilities beyond what the App Store allows access to on the iPhone. But there are also security risks. Will we see YouTube sideloaded on the Car Play soon like on Android? Or will malware flourish on the alternate App Stores? All in all, this is a good law for the consumer in the end. After all, you will choose for yourself if you want to risk it or not.