Razer might release Steam Deck competitor!

Razer wants to be part of the new gaming segment
The chip is designed to challenge devices such as the Steam Deck, and Razer has taken that up with a new Android 12-based gaming handheld.

There are three different models including an upcoming 5G edition, but it only works with US carrier Verizon.

All of them weigh 264 g and have the same chipset, RAM battery size. The screen is 6.8″ (Steam Deck: 7″ and AMD RDNA 2) with a 144Hz refresh rate and 2400 x 1080 resolution combined with 128GB of storage space.

Only in the US so far!
The WiFi model will be launched first, in January 2023. Integrated is the gamepad Kishi V2 Pro with vibration and 3.5 input for headphones.

Razer has also equipped the machine with a front camera so you can stream to Twitch and use meeting apps.

For now, the machine can only be reserved for customers in the USA. It is unknown if or when the machine will be launched in Europe.