Pokemon Go new gyms, raids and all you need to know!

As we all know by now Niantic released perhaps the biggest update yet second to the Gen 2 update. Namely the new revamped PokeGyms.  Here are all you need to know about the new PokeGyms.

Gyms now drop items

Gyms now have features like the PokéStops, you can Spin the Gym Disc to receive new items. Gym drops are the same as PokéStop drops, so in essence, Gyms are now PokéStops too, making it far more lucrative to hang around Gyms than to hang around PokéStops. You get additional items in the gyms if they are controlled by your team. In addition to that, if the gym is controlled by your team you will get one “Free raid pass” per day you spin the disc. This pass is needed to attend the Raid battles discussed below.

You can theoretically only get two free raids per day. If you have a free raid pass and use it that day you can get one additional if that raid pass was from yesterday. If you use up the second one you will not get any more that day and need to purchase them in the shop.

Raid Battles – How It Works

Raid Battles starts randomly at gyms only at daytime. So no nightly raids(we guess for obvious security reasons). You can detect a raid going on visually by seeing an egg on top of the PokeGym. It spawns there and after about an hour you get to see which Gym master is revealed. You now even get notified that there is a raid nearby that will soon start, and you even further have a radar that shows you the active Raids near you. There can be up to 20 Trainers joining in the fight, though as of the time this article is written you’ll need to be level 20 or higher to participate (Niantic has lowered the level cap multiple times already.)

Raid Passes

To join a raid you’ll need a Raid Pass. You can get one of these for free every day by spinning the Disc at a Gym. If you want to join in a second raid you’ll need to purchase a Premium Raid Pass (A very clever way for Niantic to monetize the game.) The catch is that you can only have one Raid Pass in your inventory at a time, so you can’t build these up over time.

Another thing that is agreeable is that you can join players from any Team: Instinct, Valor or Mystic in the Raid. But if you’d only like to play with your friends you can open a private room, set a three digit code of some Pokemon and go on. Everyone can have a chance at beating the boss, which really promotes grinding. It’s not first come first serve, as that would definitely lead to anarchy.

The Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses are essentially super-powerful Pokémon with much higher CP (Combat Power) levels. Raid Bosses come in five different Tiers.

Here are all the Raid Bosses you can fight so far:

Pink Raid Eggs are the most common and contain Tier 1 and 2 bosses:

Tier 1

  • Magikarp
    • Max Boss CP: 1165
    • Max Catch CP: 125
    • Type: Water (Recommend Electric Attacker)
  • Croconaw
    • Max Boss CP: 5207
    • Max Catch CP: 913
    • Type: Water (Recommend Electric Attacker)
  • Bayleef
    • Max Boss CP: 4375
    • Max Catch CP: 740
    • Type: Grass (Recommend Fire Attacker)
  • Quilava
    • Max Boss CP: 5085
    • Max Catch CP: 847
    • Type: Fire (Recommend Water Attacker)

Tier 2

  • Electabuzz
    • Max Boss CP: 11311
    • Max Catch CP: 1255
    • Type: Electric (Recommend Ground Attacker)
  • Exeggutor
    • Max Boss CP: 12633
    • Max Catch CP: 1666
    • Type: Grass / Psychic (Recommend Bug Attacker)
  • Magmar
    • Max Boss CP: 11610
    • Max Catch CP: 1288
    • Type: Fire (Recommend Water Attacker)
  • Muk
    • Max Boss CP: 11200
    • Max Catch CP: 1548
    • Type: Poison (Recommend Psychic Attacker)
  • Weezing
    • Max Boss CP: 11245
    • Max Catch CP: 1247
    • Type: Poison (Recommend Psychic Attacker)

Yellow Raid Eggs are more rare, and include Tier 3 and 4.

Tier 3

  • Vaporeon
    • Max Boss CP: 16696
    • Max Catch CP: 1804
    • Type: Water (Recommend Electric Attacker)
  • Arcanine
    • Max Boss CP: 17832
    • Max Catch CP: 1622
    • Type: Fire (Recommend Water Attacker)
  • Machamp
    • Max Boss CP: 18144
    • Max Catch CP: 1650
    • Type: Fighting (Recommend Psychic or Flying Attacker)
  • Jolteon
    • Max Boss CP: 19883
    • Max Catch CP: 1560
    • Type: Electric (Recommend Ground Attacker)
  • Gengar
    • Max Boss CP: 19768
    • Max Catch CP: 1496
    • Type: Ghost (Recommend Dark Attacker)
  • Flareon
    • Max Boss CP: 21155
    • Max Catch CP: 1659
    • Type: Fire (Recommend Water Attacker)
  • Alakazam
    • Max Boss CP: 22646
    • Max Catch CP: 1649
    • Type: Psychic (Recommend Dark Attacker)

Tier 4

  • Lapras
    • Max Boss CP: 21768
    • Max Catch CP: 1487
    • Type: Water / Ice (Recommend Electric Attacker)
  • Blastoise
    • Max Boss CP: 24162
    • Max Catch CP: 1487
    • Type: Water (Recommend Electric Attacker)
  • Venusaur
    • Max Boss CP: 26921
    • Max Catch CP: 1467
    • Type: Grass (Recommend Fire Attacker)
  • Charizard
    • Max Boss CP: 28485
    • Max Catch CP: 1535
    • Type: Fire / Flying (Recommend Water Attacker)
  • Snorlax
    • Max Boss CP: 25419
    • Max Catch CP: 1917
    • Type: Normal (Recommend Fighting Attacker)
  • Rhydon
    • Max Boss CP: 30512
    • Max Catch CP: 1886
    • Type: Ground / Rock (Recommend Water Attacker)
  • Tyranitar
    • Max Boss CP: 34707
    • Max Catch CP: 2097
    • Type: Rock / Dark (Recommend Fighting Attacker)


Dark Raid Eggs – which have yet to roll out, will contain Legendary Pokémon; something players have been waiting for ever since the game launched over a year ago. These may include such monsters as Articuno, Raikou, Lugia, Mewtwo and many more. We don’t have solid details on any of this yet, however; but will be sure to let you know of any developments!