Pokemon Go Halloween Bugs

The new Halloween update is officially out!
If you see a fresh wave of trainers out on the streets hunting for Pokémon, it’s because Halloween comes slightly early for Pokémon GO. The game’s second annual Halloween event just went live, offering some of the most interesting rewards we’ve seen for a limited time event yet. Developer Niantic Labs is using the Halloween event as an opportunity to launch the third generation Pokémon, or at least some of them. We’re getting a round of new Pokémon available for catching like Sableye and Shuppett, giving us the first new Pokémon to be found outside of Raids since the release of Gen 2 earlier in the year. Check back for details on exactly which Pokémon are available once people have had a chance to go out and catch.

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However the updates are note fool proof as we have seen before when they introduced the raids. And this time around we are definitely getting some scary pokemon. Take a look at what we encountered when we were out trying to catch some of the new ones!