Pixel Piracy is no longer Abandoned!

Pixel Piracy was originally developed back in 2015 by a single developer Vitali. The game got a lot of attention for its unique play style and looks! The game is about a pirate that seeks to explore the world and conquer four great Pirate lords in order to conquer the world. You start off simple and alone but you can hire a crew, buy weapons, items, and even gather animals. The game is a mix of RTS, rogue-like, and turn-based play-style.

The game was originally abandoned back in 2016 with one last update giving users cheat codes in order to circumvent some game-breaking bugs where the pirates fell into the ocean unable to complete the game. This would be the last we ever heard from the developer.


On January the 30th 2023. Vitali, the original developer posted an update on the Steam page stating he would try to clean up the game and polish it. This sparked a fire in the community and just days later a new official Discord server was up and running. People started pouring in and Vitali seems to have taken the overwhelming support to heart. He then posted on February 5th that he will now commit six full months to develop the game further! Not just polishing it but also even adding new content!

This is the kind of news we would love to write more about. Abandoned loved games are being brought back to life thanks to the community!

If you haven’t played Pixel Piracy already and like rogue-likes I would highly recommend you to try it out!

Steam link