nVidia Leaks Counter Strike 2

Twitter user Gabe found some interesting settings in the latest nVidia drivers, hinting that a release of Counter-Strike 2 is closing in!

Beta is expected in March

Richard Lewis claims to have sources confirming that Valve, the developer of the Counter-Strike series, is indeed working on a sequel to the popular shooter. The game is said to have been in development for over two years, and has been under great secrecy.

Lewis further explains that it is an entirely new game built on the long-awaited Source-2 engine and that it is therefore not an upgrade to CS:GO, which may explain the lack of maintenance and updates to the popular shooter.

Valve has not yet confirmed that there will be any sequels to CS:GO, but according to sources it should be ready for Beta testing of Counter-Strike 2 as early as this month.

Uncertainty about skins

What happens to players’ so-called skins in the event of a new game is still uncertain. There is no doubt, however, that there will be an uproar among the player base if there is no opportunity to transfer them to a potential new game.