Next year we’ll get a new Battlefield

Battlefield 1 has 21 million players worldwide and is one of the most popular FPS games. Now we’ll be getting a new version surprisingly soon, or not. Its EA, come on!

In a stocks conversation discussing the numbers of EA, director Andrew Wilson revealed that the new battlefield will be released in 2018. reported by SegmentNext.

According to Wilson the next Battlefield is under development with a dozen of other Frostbite-based games that he didn’t speak any more of.

EA is hoping to develop a more personal consuming, procedurally generated worlds in their next games, including battlefield! This can either be super awesome or a major bummer. As this is a competitive FPS not an adventure game, this may actually work really well.

EA also states that is should be possible to destroy everything. Leaving big dents in the environment. We’re getting Red Faction flashbacks all over!!!

While everything is still fresh and mainly speculation at this point we advise you to keep your ears on the ground for more news regarding this new and refreshing title and be sure that we will report it!