New Mario Movie Trailer introduces Peach and Donkey Kong

The newest trailer just released for the new Super Mario Movie! With loads of new content to show us. The biggest reveal was adding Princess Peach to the screen and of course, Donkey Kong! We also get to see much of the new world, and we can happily report that they get a lot from the games! Everything from the general level looks to the elements themselves. Like blocks falling after you step on them etc.

But one thing that catches my attention immediately is the very first scene. Mario appears to enter a Gladiator Arena (Colosseum). As a long-time Mario Fan, this instantly gave me flashbacks to the original Super Mario Bros Super Show episode The Great Gladiator Gig. To me this is awesome, I just hope it will sit better than the original, which was, very, Cringy.

Super Mario Bros Super Show (The Great Gladiator Gig)

Other than that the trailer and animation from Illumination look super good and we almost can’t wait to see this hopefully masterpiece! If it can somehow get close to Wreck it Ralph in the story, world-building and quality, we’d be super happy!

The movie will release March-April 2023 depending on the country. Some countries will get the premiere before others.