New legend in Apex Legends November 2022

T’is time for a new Legends in Apex Legends again! This time we will get a Defender class named Catalyst. Her abilities are very unique and we seem to finaly have gotten a legend to counter Seer’s abilities! THAT IS WILD, but expected and longed for.

Her abilities are as follows

  • Tactical Ability: Piercing Spikes
  • Passive Ability: Barricade
  • Ultimate Ability: Dark Veil

Tactical: Catalyst throws a patch of ferrofluid, triggering a row of spikes when enemies are near, slowing and damaging them. It can be damaged by enemies, but only when close. And can be thrown quite far.

Passive Ability: Catalyst can barricade(upgrade doors) to take more punches to get through. From what we can see in the reveal trailer it seems to be quite substancial aswell!

Ultimate Ability: A gigantic wall of ferrofluid that can be walked through and shot through, but will slow down enemies as they go through, and blind them after they exit. TOTALLY blocks scans (Seer, Bloodhound etc.)

ThordanSmash’s thoughts on the matter.