Mega Man 35th Could See More New Game Releases

We already know that the Battle Network Legacy Collection from the Mega Man series is in development for release in 2023 – and we also have last year’s localization of X DIVE – but rumor has it that there’s more from where that came from.

Community site Rockman Corner (from the original character name in Japan, for those who need a little extra context) has done some datamining of recent Capcom web domain updates and noticed that a few domain placeholders registered in 2018 that relate to Mega Man classic series monikers have had their registrations upped by registrar GMO Internet Group. This is a frequent Capcom client in the field of information technology who has handled other major domain registrations for games including Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2, and in this case has re-upped the placeholders for potential classic series outings numbered from 12 to 15. You can see for yourself with a look at the global internet whois database.

This is potentially a major development, as the eleventh game is now the top seller in the classic series (beating out the second entry thereof which previously held the top spot for the last few decades). Of course, this is still hot off the rumor mill and otherwise unconfirmed. Thus forth, and until we hear otherwise, you’re definitely going to want some salt with this (or so to speak). However, with this also being the 35th anniversary it stands to reason that a big blue bomber blowout is not out of the question.

Source: Rockman Corner