Hitman Free

How many opportunities do fans usually get to try a game before they buy it? Well…none. Hitman developer IO Interactive has now released the first part of the game completely free to anyone wanting to try the game , on any platform it was released on. Generous.

The first location in the game, the Playground, features two story missions, bundled with a load of other additions. This is said to be many hours of playtime and as such is a greatly appreciated gesture by IO. Whats more , this is not a limited time offer , these missions will be free in perpetuity.

Initially , the episodic structure of the new installment in the classic series was widely frowned upon by fans and critics alike. However, the game has since received a fantastic reception from those pundits and players, with an 84 per cent rating on Metacritic. Not bad.

If you choose to buy the full game after you’ve played the “demo” your save data and everything you earn during your playtime will carry over to the full game.  Other developers , take note. This is how you treat your fans.

You can get this deal from the IO Interactive website : Download