Game Awards 2022 Live Blog

It’s that time again, when the best of the best are out to prove who’s the best of them all. The Game Awards are upon us, with a who’s who of the top games, world premiere events for what’s next and an overall celebration of the greatest moments in videogames. Follow along with our live blog and see who comes out on top, what premieres got our attention and whatever upset moves (if any) have occurred with the results.

11:00pm And that’s a wrap! See you next year.

10:56pm Game of the Year: Elden Ring

10:48pm Final World Premiere: Final Fantasy 16

10:43pm Been a long night and I’ll need rest soon. Game of the Year can’t come soon enough – we’re almost there!

10:42pm World Premiere: Armored Core VI

10:39pm World Premiere: Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

10:36pm Best Game Direction: Elden Ring

10:30pm Best RPG: Elden Ring, Player’s Voice: Genshin Impact, Best Indie: Stray, Best Action/Adventure: God of War Ragnarök, Ongoing: Final Fantasy 14

10:23pm World Premiere: Crime Boss

10:26pm World Premiere: Lords of the Fallen

10:23pm Innovation in Accessibility Award: God of War Ragnarök

10:21pm World Premiere: Crash Team Rumble

10:14pm World Premiere: Meet Your Maker

10:13pm World Premiere: Warhammer 40000 Space Marine

10:12pm World Premiere: Banishers

10:09pm The Animal from the Muppets presents Best Score/Music. Winner: God of War Ragnarök

10:04pm World Premiere: The Super Mario Bros. Movie First Clip

9:58pm World Premieres: Blue Protocol, Remnant II, Transformers Reactivate

9:51pm Best Action Game: Bayonetta 3

9:49pm World Premiere: Burning Shores

9:47pm Best Sports: Gran Turismo 7, Best Multiplayer: Splatoon 3, Best Audio: God of War Ragnarök, Creator: Ludwig; Most anticipated: Zelda

9:43pm World Premiere: Diablo 4

9:37pm World Premiere: Fire Emblem Engage DLC Expansion

9:35pm World Premiere: Wayfinder

9:32pm World Premiere: Baldur’s Gate III

929pm Games for Impact Award: As Dusk Falls

9:21pm Best Art: Elden Ring, Best VR/AR: Moss Book II, Best Sim/Strategy: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Best Community: Final Fantasy XIV

9:19pm World Premiere: Tekken 8

9:15pm Best Narrative: God of War Ragnarök

9:10pm World Premiere: Immortals of Aveum

9:10pm World Premiere: DS2

9:00pm World Premiere: DUNE: Awakening

8:59pm World Premiere: Earthblade

8:55pm World Premiere: Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

8:51pm Best Adaptation: Arcane: League of Legends

8:44pm Tribute to Kevin Conroy, World Premiere: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

8:42pm World Premiere: Destiny 2 Lightfall

8:38pm Best Debut Indie: Stray

8:27pm World Premiere: Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

8:24pm World Premiere: Judas

8:22pm World Premiere: Hades II

8:10pm Al Pacino presents the award for Best Performance. Winner: Christopher Judge (Kratos, God of War Ragnarök)

8:03pm Main Show begins, World Premiere: Street Fighter 6

8:00pm Best Family: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

7:59pm World Premiere: Replaced

7:56pm World Premieres: Among Us: Hide and Seek, After Us

7:49pm World Premieres: Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Post Trauma, Viewfinder

7:45pm Best Esports: Valorant (game), Yay (athlete), Loud (team), BZKA (coach), 2022 League of Legends World Championship (event)

7:44pm World Premiere: Hellboy: Web of Wyrd

7:42pm Best Fighter: MultiVersus

7:41pm World Premieres: Vampire Survivors Mobile, Returnal PC, and Valiant Hearts Mobile. Had to double check this.

7:35pm Best Mobile Game: Marvel Snap

7:32pm World Premiere: Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

7:32pm And we are live!

7:29pm Final countdown is up on the Game Awards feed! Get ready!

7:27pm Live A Live could deserve an upset in the RPG category against Elden Ring, being new to the West.

7:24pm For VR/AR I think Among Us is the most sus to win.

7:21pm Also, T-9 minutes.

7:20pm Okay, so now that I’ve established the timing conventions, I’m going to go entirely with ET from here on out to save time on some of the more rapid-fire moments.

7:16pm ET/4:16pm PT/2:16am CET: Forgot one upset opportunity: Shredder’s Revenge in Best Action Game. But my overall pick here is Bayonetta 3.

7:10pm ET/4:10pm PT/2:10am CET: It’s almost time! Here. We. Go.

7:08pm ET/4:08pm PT/2:08am CET: Okay, I lied. Here’s one more: MultiVersus for best fighting upset. That game deserves better. King of Fighters 15 is tops, though.

7:06pm ET/4:06pm PT/2:06am CET: One final prediction: upset potential for Tunic in the indie categories.

7:04pm ET/4:04pm PT/2:04am CET: Prediction 5: Sonic 2 for best adaptation, with the upset potential being The Cuphead Show.

7:02pm ET/4:02pm PT/2:02am CET: Prediction 4: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for Most Anticipated Game, and a world premiere to go with it.

7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT/2:00am CET: Ten minutes to go. Get ready!

6:58pm ET/3:58pm PT/1:58am CET: Prediction 3: Stray for both indie categories.

6:57pm ET/3:57pm PT/1:57am CET: Prediction 2: Fortnite for best ongoing game.

6:55pm ET/3:55pm PT/1:55am CET: In fact, I think Elden Ring can easily sweep all of its nominations.

6:54pm ET/3:54pm PT/1:54am CET: Elden Ring is also my pick for best game direction.

6:52pm ET/3:52pm PT/1:52am CET: A quick prediction: Elden Ring is my most serious contender pick for Game of the Year, followed by God of War and Horizon. Stray may be a potential upset opportunity.

6:32pm ET/3:32pm PT/1:32am CET: Roughly 38 minutes to start time. 4K TV is set to the YouTube feed and the live blog is up for preliminary access. We’ll be starting approximately on the hour.

Correction: The segment with the best sports game went so fast that I initially wrote that OlliOlli World took the award because I had lost track. It was actually Gran Turismo 7 that won the category. Also, a small spelling error in regard to the Transformers announcement: it’s Transformers Reactivate, not REACTIVATED as I originally wrote. Sorry about that!

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