Fortnite Season 4 NEW MAP!

Fortnite’s newest chapter, released this Sunday – Chapter 4 – introduces many changes. We got a brand new map and many upgrades to the graphics.

Fortnite Battle Royale has gotten rid of the map introduced in the previous chapter. Now players can explore new areas, such as the desert fortress of The Citadel, the medieval city of Anvil Square and the snowy Brutal Bastion.

Among the news, we have also gotten new vehicles, like a motocross bike, as well as the ability to hack away giant snowballs that you can then jump into and run down opponents. Yes, Fortnite you be silly.

Manoeuvring on foot otherwise gets another boost, with the ability to jump over low walls at high speed. New weapons are also added, of course, and as the trailers here in the article show, characters from every game and film series in the whole world make an appearance. How about Hulk from the Marvel franchise or Geralt from The Witcher?

Even Mr Beast seems to be in the game!

The developer also reports on a number of Unreal Engine 5.1 functions that the game now uses, which among other things provide better lighting and shadow effects. You can read more about the upgrade on Fortnite’s website.

Official trailer