Final Fantasy released date teased

Popular leaker The Snitch just teased on his Twitter that Final Fantasy 16 would be released on June 22nd, 2023.

The Snitch seems to think of himself as some kind of poet, but behind the elegance of his words, clues can be found.

The tease came in a form of cryptic poetry, however fans who are well-versed seem to find some sort of clue behind the poem that he tweeted, hinting Final Fantasy vibes.

Check out the tweet here:

“Crystal” seems a bit too obvious as fans of the franchise would know that every main game has a direct coalition with crystals that play an important part in the storyline.

It’s very likely that “22 grains of sand” and “6 nations divided” hinted June 22nd, which the closest we will get to is next year, hence this speculates June 22nd, 2023 as our release date.

Last week, Final Fantasy 16 was rated in Brazil suggesting that an announcement for the game was imminent.

Naoki Yoshida said last month “We plan to release the information again later this year, so I think we can say it at that time. I don’t think it’s going to be over the summer, so I think it’s okay.“

As of writing, Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled as a timed exclusive PlayStation release in mid-2023, before being released onto other platforms. So if The Snitch is onto something, it may be worth speculating.

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