Exclusive! Possibly the very first ever new Pokémon gym battle!

Its happened guys!!! The new gyms are officially open!!! And we’re the first ones to ever try them out! We’ve already secured 8 gyms and had our very first battle! The concept is very much the same. You select your 6 Pokemon and battle up to 6 Benched  Pokemon. Its tap, tap, tap, hold, tap, tap, tap all over again. But now there’s more animation to it. Also the benched Pokemon are now loosing health and winning the gym has become different, perhaps even easier. You also get items from the Gyms now, and if you have a team benched you get team bonus items! Really cool! Check out our images and video down below!

Update 1: It seems we can’t get poke coins the same way as before! Apparently we have to get knocked out or something to get them. Niantic is cheaping out!

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