Elden Ring Cheater BUSTED in Humorous Battle Finish

Now here’s one you don’t see a lot of: a cheat bot busted and finished off by an actual player who’s skilled enough to recognize how questionable tactics can give away a botter or hacker who would otherwise have an unfair advantage. The moment in question comes to us through Redditor SmairAI who caught on to the cheater’s spamming of high-level attacks, headed for the nearest lift shaft (for which the cheater was quickly baited) and – after putting the cheater in a precarious position – runs toward the shaft to finish the job, ultimately sacrificing himself as they both hilariously fall down the shaft in a Looney Tunes-style finish.

Here’s how it went down:

To explain the setup, here’s a bit of background information: cheaters in Elden Ring often use questionable tactics programmed into their hacking tools, in this case spamming successive magic attacks, most annoyingly the Rancorcall sorcery archetype, which is among the game’s most devastating attack types. The most annoying part of this the minimum required overhead for Rancorcall, making the tactic a rather overpowered strategy. So SmairAI wisely runs for cover as the Rancorcall blasts chase him down for heavy damage points on impact, ultimately hiding behind a wall though to no avail as the cheater quickly gives chase, still using the same obvious tactics. Sizing things up, SmairAI then heads for a nearby building where the aforementioned lift shaft is located. At this point, SmairAI finally decides to go for it, answering with Bloodhound’s Step which is enough to put them both within precarious footing just off the edge of the lift shaft. SmairAI then proceeds to finish the job by running at the cheater (who happens to be the match host) and takes his prey down the shaft with him, which takes both of them out of contention as a condition of instant death.

Now to be fair, I’ve had to deal with bots in online games myself, though since I’m not exactly trying to be the best player I have an even worse time than someone like SmairAI would. But it’s always satisfying to see an obvious cheater get schooled like this, especially when the results are a rather humorous lot.

Source: Reddit