Dying Light 2 Annoucnement

Dying light one was to me one of the best zombie games of its generation. The game had so much to offer and it looked absolutely amazing for its time. Even now if you blasted it up it would hold its own against recent releases and titles. The game had an interesting story and most importantly was a lot of fun to play.

Whether number 2 will be the same remains to be seen. As you will have seen by now a few times at least there are many instances where the second in a series basically destroys the series for its fans. Naturally we hope this isn’t the case with Dying Light 2 as it has all the tools and a great development team at its disposal. If they were to make a successful series out of the title it would be absolutely amazing and deserved.

We haven’t seen too much game-play of the game just yet but what we have seen looks vivid, visceral and solid. A zombie open world game of this caliber needs to get many things perfect for it to survive in the crowded market space of today, especially among zombie titles. We back the game to be something quite epic though and hope the developers turn up with a real contender!