Dragonflight has launched and the WoW servers are having a hard time

New expansions for World of Warcraft always create a huge buzz for the online role-playing game. The Dragonflight launch on Tuesday night was no exception, but the game’s servers apparently weren’t quite prepared.

The sight that met many WoW players last night.

Credit: TheRedShirtGuy on Twitter

As the minutes ticked down to the update going live, players gathered in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to take a boat or airship to the new Dragon Isles area. The only problem was that the vessels on several servers never appeared.

Some made it to the loading screen for Dragon Isles before being kicked out of the game. Players on European servers seem to struggle more, but US servers have reported issues as well.

Social media and Reddit are flooded with comments about server problems.

Barely an hour after the problems began, Blizzard took to Twitter to announce that the team was working on the issue. There is supposedly an issue with the game’s authentication servers, leading to login issues and the frustrating “World server down” error message.

The developer has not yet said when the problem is assumed to be solved.