Destiny community honouring Lance Reddick’s passing.

On March 17th the great actor Lance Reddick passed away in his home. The only reports up until now have shown it was of natural causes.
Lance Reddick was best known for his acting in Movies and voicing some TV Shows. John Wick, Young Sheldon, Paradise PD and even Rick and Morty.

But what he also did was voice acting in video games. The best-known role is that of Commander Zavala from Destiny the Video game. He has had the role since 2014 and did a very good job as his voice. What fewer knew and had the fans react in the way they did is that he was also playing the game itself. Interacting with fans even and attending events. This is a big part of why fans now came together and celebrated and paid respects to him in the game itself.

Commander Zavala – Lance Reddick

Several hundred or even thousands of players have paid their respects in-game in some way or another. This only shows how big of a deal he was and what impact his contribution to the game has been.