Counter Strike Global Offensive Gets New Gun

Following the trend of recent updates and additions to the CSGO title, the game’s most recent update equipped all player with a sleek, professional feeling MP-5 silenced version. The gun looks great with very high details on the model and it plays just as well.

The game put out this description : “Often imitated but never equaled, the iconic MP5 is perhaps the most versatile and popular SMG in the world. This SD variant comes equipped with an integrated silencer and features higher movement speed at the cost of some damage and accuracy on the move.” Furthermore they stated, “An alternative to the MP7, the MP5-SD is currently available Offline and in Official Casual and Deathmatch servers. Equip the MP5-SD in your inventory, jump into a match, and let us know what you think!”

If you are a CSGO frequenter you’ll surely love this gun that provides a bit of an alternative to the ones available previously. The gun is definitely unique and bring a new dimension to some of the situations and experiences that are to be had on the tight, tactical maps. We hope CSGO keep adding new weapons and additions as they have recently done, it adds a lot of attitude to the title!