Control 2 is Officially in development!

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have announced that Control 2 is now in development. Known internally as Project Heron, Control 2 is in concept testing and will use Remedy’s Northlight engine.

As stated by game director Mikael Kasurinen:
“With Control, we leaped into the unknown. We wanted to create something new. Something different and unexpected. A world like no other. Thank you, the audience, for making Control such a success for us.

“With Control 2, we’ll take another leap into the unknown. It’ll be an unexpected journey. It’ll take a while, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. It’s still early days, but it will be worth the wait.”

505 Games also notes that the first Control game has been its “biggest investment” to date with 3 million units sold, and is putting approximately $51 million in funding toward the sequel (which will keep the Control “success story” moving along) in addition to handling the console ports of the game with Remedy picking up the slack for PC users.