CoD DMZ Building 21 opened then insta-closed

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode has received a largely positive reception since its launch in November. This week, Infinity Ward was supposed to expand the DMZ map, but the mode’s newest content was short-lived.

On Monday night, the developer launched a new area called Building 21. Here, players could fight against each other and against a bunch of OP enemies, with opportunities to collect valuable equipment for those who make it out of the ordeal alive.

However, 24 hours after the building opened, the whole thing was closed without warning. On Twitter, Infinity Ward confirmed that the new area has been blocked off, but that the plan is to open up again during the week. Originally, Building 21 was only supposed to be open for four days, and the team has not said anything about whether the deadline will be extended.

The developer has not disclosed exactly what went wrong. However, players have pointed out that the access card to the building – which must be found on the regular DMZ map – has granted unlimited access, which apparently wasn’t entirely the plan.

We’ll update the story as Infinity Ward shares more information about Building 21 opening hours.