Callisto Protocol Season Pass Will Not Gate Off Anything in the Main Game

In recent times it has been common for game developers to make players earn content through progression on a season pass, with varying rewards and results. But for The Callisto Protocol, an upcoming horror game that will use the mechanic, use of the season pass in this manner has been completely ruled out for the main game. In fact, Striking Distance Studios game director Glen Schofield has specifically stated that the team is not “holding anything back” in this respect simply because of the season pass. As stated in Schofield’s Twitter account:

It has also been noted that the development team has put “every [referenced expletive deleted] thing that was done in the shipping game.” However, the community has been asking for more deaths and other expansions of content that the developers haven’t even started to work on, and that this content is anticipated to begin production in the new year after the game releases in time for the holidays.

Word of the season pass first showed upon the game’s store pages, prompting concern that the game would be partially gated off. The season pass, which is automatically included in the digital deluxe edition, quickly drew criticism for potentially locking players out of progression that many assumed would be necessary. However, Scholfield’s comments and clarification have now eased those concerns and made clear that such will not be the case for The Callisto Protocol.

Source: TheGamer (via GameRant)