Armor-Piercing Effects Are Eliminated From Armor-Piercing Ammunition in Call of Duty.

The most recent patch was applied to Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II yesterday. The comments list the customary adjustments and bug fixes one would anticipate from a long-running live-service game, but one change to weapon ammunition has fans perplexed. It appears that armor-piercing ammunition no longer penetrates armor (verifies patch notes).

The number of weaponry available for players to equip and personalize in Call of Duty is as expected. There are sights, stocks, barrels, and ammunition as well. Carrying armor-piercing ammunition into the field has shown to be a great survival tool, especially in Warzone where players frequently wear armor (especially in the DMZ). The “damage multiplier versus armored opponents” has, however, been eliminated, according to the most recent patch notes. Such ammunition will now solely do additional damage to vehicles.

Fans of the realistic war-crime simulator are pointing out the obvious: It seems strange to keep a name after removing a feature that it was called for. One Redditor remarked on a thread pointing out the odd shift in ammo data, “It’s now just Ammo.” As many have noted, receiving a damage advantage against opponents wearing armor seemed like a reasonable exchange given the equipment slot the armor-piercing ammunition took up. One such comment reads, “If someone wants to use an attachment slot on AP munitions they should gain more than a niche benefit from it.”