Among Us testing new features to make it easier for the Impostors!

Among Us developer Innersloth recently announced that it is working on both changes and improvements to the popular game. The first round of adjustment is ready for beta testing on PC, and while it is only a matter of a few changes, it has the potential to change the experience to a large extent.


Anonymous voting

With anonymous voting, you can vote for whoever you want without posing as an Impostor.

First out of the changes is the ability to turn on anonymous voting. When the group votes on who will be thrown out of the airlock, you free to vote for anyone without being revealed as a potential killer – or Impostor.

Setting number two allows players to select whether or not the task progress meter is visible. The options are visible at all times, only visible at meetings or never visible. This makes it much easier for the killers to pretend they are doing tasks, but on the other hand it becomes more difficult to know how long you have before the crew finishes all their jobs and wins.

Finally, Innersloth strikes a blow for players who are color blind. Tasks where, for example, you have to connect wires of the same color will get a symbol for each wire, so that you can match the symbols instead of the colors. Awesome!

To test the new features, you must first download the game’s beta version. Go to Steam library, right-click on Among Us and select “Properties”. Here you can go to “Betas” and select “public-beta -” in the drop-down menu.