Microsoft is remaking the good old gem Age of Mythology!

The Age of Empires series turned 25 this week, and Microsoft marked the occasion. As part of the birthday party, the game maker revealed several news, including a revamp of Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology was originally released in 2002.
The 2002 game introduced a more supernatural element to the popular strategy series, focusing on gods from various mythologies.

The new version, called Age of Mythology: Retold, promises overhauled graphics and game mechanics. However, exactly what we can expect here is still unclear, and more information – including about the date – will be revealed later.

Age of Mythology: Retold is coming to PC, and will be available via PC Game Pass.

Furthermore, Microsoft confirmed launch plans for two Age of Empires games on console. Specifically, we are talking about Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires IV.

The former, a remake of the 1999 game Age of Empires II, is coming to Xbox on January 31. Age of Empires IV will then come sometime later in 2023, Microsoft said.

Age of Empires IV has also received a new anniversary edition, with various new content to explore. The original game’s third season of content has also been launched.