Addition of a Death Bridge in Vampire Survivors.

Near the end of October, the full 1.0 edition of Vampire Survivors was released. This game, which some have called the breakout genre of 2022, was published. However, if you were worried that this indicated that developer Poncle was done with the game, you can put your concerns back in their worry case, close the lid, fasten the clasps, and then update your version to the 1.10 version that was just released. Along with a few other minor adjustments, the Tiny One patch introduces an exciting new Challenge Stage in the form of a very narrow bridge.

Tiny Bridge Stage presents the most absurd challenge once it has been unlocked by reaching level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower. There is only one lane at this stage, and to have any chance of making it through, you will need to make some very specific adjustments to your abilities.

The concept as a whole sounds terrifying; it involves seizing that split second in a typical game when the player realizes they are helplessly imprisoned and then desperately trying to do anything to survive. As a result, this is fantastic.

Yes, it was released in December 2021, but nobody noticed for a few weeks; however, Vampire Survivors is very solidly ranked among Kotaku’s best games of 2022, and it will be at the top of the majority of online GOTY lists. It is now available for $4.24 on Steam and as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. However, over the next few weeks, you should get used to seeing nothing but blue crystals when you close your eyes.